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Neon Hearts

Neon Hearts

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Be prepared to attract some attention with these beauties. Of all the earrings I've made I get the most comments on these! Part of that might be due to wearing them so much, they are the goldilocks of earrings, not to big or too small, and great for wearing all the time. 

The hearts are 4cm x 2.5cm with an approximate drop of 6cm from the top of the hoop. I prefer mine with hoops but my favourite product tester (friend, neighbour, sister from another mister) prefers them with hooks and she gets as many (read, more) compliments than I do! The drop from the top of the hook is about 5cm.

The neon pink is a fun pop of colour and goes with other brights as well as darker clothes beautifully.

And, wait for it, if you find yourself in a club, or anywhere under a blue or black light, these earrings GLOW IN THE MOTHER F***ING DARK!

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