About field.st

Hi! My name is Andrea and I'm the designer/maker behind field.st. I love bold fashion and bright colours, which I hope is reflected in my work. I've dabbled with so many crafts, like a lot of makers do, always coming back to accessories and jewellery. Field.st is about capturing that feeling of wearing a fierce pair of earrings or starting an outfit based on which bold accessory you want to wear (instead of finishing with accessories, although that's cool too!).

Field street is also a place... a place where I have many happy memories of time spent with my family, in a garden filled with bright colours of flowers my parents tended, and a reminder of the people who have always accepted and supported me as I am, strange fashion sense and all.

And so I hope that with everything I sell I pass on to you a bit of that support and acceptance for the fierce being you are. Be loud, be bright, be unapologetically you!




Trade name: Field Street

Physical address: field.st, 56 Buckler Court, Eden Grove, London N7 8EF, United Kingdom